TAILOR-MADE PROGRAMMES: All the pilgrimages on this website are open to group bookings, but if you want something different from the published tour, we can put together a tailor-made programme. Have a look at the ideas on this page - these are just some of the shrines worldwide to which we have operated pilgrimages.

MATERIAL: We will supply all the material you need to advertise your pilgrimage, posters, booking forms, and other promotional items that you require.

GROUP CO-ORDINATOR: Our Group Co-ordinator, an experienced member of our Head Office staff, will liaise with you personally to answer your queries.


Whilst it is not always possible to cater for an individual wanting to travel to a pilgrimage destination on their own, we can arrange for like-minded individuals to travel together, thereby helping to reduce the potential cost of a pilgrimage. We are also happy to offer you the benefit of our experience in suggesting suitable destinations for the type of pilgrimage you may require. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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